2 Responses to “rent a center does not care about new hired people”

  1. Mr Dildo September 15, 2007 at 4:41 am #

    Not that I am entirely sure I know exactly what you are complainig about, but I would like to thank you for not applying with Rent-A-Center. It is obvious that your overwhelming urge to be a “dooshbag”, overshadows your need or desire for gainful employment. I am a store manager currently and I would not like to run the risk of having you apply in my store. I would be afraid of a discrimination suit when I told you that literacy and the ability to make since were required traits!!!…douchebag!

    ——Editor’s reply—–
    Thank you mr dildo, But You sir are a technical moron. The address in the link of the application during the moment you fill out the form, the one that asks for your social security, is an unprotected link. It offers no security. If you had any idea what the fuck you where talking about when your fat stupid little fingers decided to reply to me, you would have second guessed your stupid fucking impulse to try and put someone in their place with a half witted reply trying to correct me on how I chose to type in funny name calling… And the name you are trying to type.. is not douchebag… there is no conjunction in douche and bag.

    I am very sorry that you have to sell cardboard wrapped in cheap crappy cloth and sell particle board desks and tables to the crack heads who are trying to get out of the gutter and back into society. I am very sorry that you have to live on the commission you get from the shittiest furniture chain store that everyone knows is there just to drain the poor. I bet your house is full of cheap ass furniture . LOL

  2. Mr Dontgiveadamn August 24, 2008 at 9:52 am #

    Yeah i worked for that hell hole for 3 months and it was nothing but hell for me from the start. I put up with the bullshit when one day just this past weekend i just could not take it anymore…. Everyone from my parents to my friends asked if i could wait till another job materializes and i just walked out… Told my manager that i could not take it anymore and he just replied … YOURE JUST GOING TO LEAVE ME HANGING… and i replied… I just cannot take anymore of the lifting the same old merchandise in and out of the same people houses that you give chances over and over again to. They do not take us seriously at the same time thinking we are a joke because ultimately what you say goes! Just like our words doesnt mean anything. I truely felt like what one of his customers said… a goon.. I felt like one of his goons!!! So this is first job that i never felt guilty that i parted ways from… I would not recommend this job to anyone NOT EVEN MY WORST EMEMY!!!!!!! P.S. they do not tell their employees that you need a class E license to drive their vehicles they will leave you hanging if you get a ticket!!

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