hotmail report Phishing

1 Sep

I love this new feature,didnt notice it till this morning.

But i just have to wonder, how many just plano spammers will get the flag as being phishing, and did microslob just put that there to make you feel as if something is being done?. I know paypal and ebay doesnt do anything, I constantly get phishing mail from people using the same server over and over.

yet i always get that re-assuring email that tells me how to avoid falling for it… um.. i am the guy that sent you the damn link, do you not realize I have this part figgured out yet? would it be better if you just sent me back a link so i can check up on current status of the freak?


One Response to “hotmail report Phishing”

  1. Hamed June 29, 2009 at 8:26 pm #

    This is a phishing site which claims to give you information about finding out who blocked your msn account

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