A warning to craigs list users

1 Sep

I got fed up with trying to search on craigs list. So sick of the stupid people who go there and post stuff in the wrong section on purpose. That makes me nuts.. I mean it really drives me insain. So I have compiled a simple  email that I will copy and paste in every time I see something in the wrong spot on crags list. I hhave already sent it to three people at one time. I cannot post their responses here.. that would get me banned.

This is what i wrote:

Do you realize that you are an idiot?
Do you realize that you are trying to sale parts in the car section? Do you realize that the odds of someone finding the car to buy that matches your parts are slim to none? Do you realize how much it upsets people to see idiots like you posting in the wrong section?

There is a parts section.

It is people like you that post in the women’s area of the singles classified, because you think it is strategic.
you my friend are stupid.

two of them told me they just sold their junk on that way and cussed me out.. the other one just cussed me out.


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