Argument at work today

31 Aug

I work in retail.

There is this girl that I work with she is a lil chubby and a different race than I am (that’s not an issue with me.. you will see why I mention it). she just recently got rehired , after she gave a two week notice last year when she was confronted for having her regester come up short on many occassions. Since I am not a cashier I can not open a regester, I know how to and I am good, but it is not my regester and I know she is a theif . she knows that I know how to work a regester , so every time I walk into the building  near her, she takes off from behind the counter and runs and sits in the bathroom for ten minutes. Every single day. I refuse to open her drawer , I will not take the fall for her.

Since I work multiple sites I work that store 4 hours and another store 4 hours. today she was in the bathroom i refused to open her drawer, this usually upsets the customers, they usually complain on me, not her, because I am the one they see , not her. Today I refused.

at the end of my four hours there I was standing at the regester just scanning my stuff so I could pay with debit. I did not demand her to the front or anything. when she came to the front  because other people got behind me she voided out everything I had on the regester and said she would not help me and i would have to help myself. She has done this before. In fact everytime I have wanted to make a purchase she refused me. This infuriated me . finally the manager in the backroom had to come to the front and ring me up, because I had eatin some of the stuff I was purchasing while I was there because I knew I was paying with debit and didnt want 20 purchases in one day , I saved it all for the end.

I have no idea if it was a racist thing, or an empowerment thing you know, feels like she would be kissing my butt to help me so she refuses to help me.. was she doing it because she was mad? I mean sshe has done this before.

well with my job, she will have to help herself. and be screwed royally when she needs me.


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