I got hired on as web host

28 Aug

I am now working for Starlite funding inc. as the website mantainance man. fair pay.

I am enjoying this . It is fun. now the trick is getting the correct traffic there that they need.

I mean if I can generate  attention from people who really want a loan, then I am golden and I can probably ask for more money.

They pay me fair, don’t get me wrong, and they seem on the up and up. They didnt request me to install and screwed up programs like spyware or malware of any sort . nor did they ask me to make any redirects. Places like that are pretty rare on the internet.. Then again this is high dollar crap and people get hard time or worse for screwing around like  people do on mini sites.

Well I have talked to quite a few people there and they are really nice. Joe is a fricken giant! and Brenda is a sweet heart. I couldn’t believe how nice they really are.

well if any web designers go look at that place , please tell me what you think of my work, I was going for  Not flashy,not cartoony and not heavy on bandwidth but with a professional  easy to print look.


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