The love of an s.u.v.

26 Aug

Ok you live in a forested remote location with no streets , I completely understand why you own the vehicle.

But for you asshats and retards that live in the suburbs and the city who just have to have an suv for what ever stupid reason you try and fool people with … (kinda like you try and make people believe you got that tatoo for personal reasons other than show it off…. it’s a fucking  drawing……) . Look retard, if you do not use it for sport (mudding off road mountain climbing) if you do not use it for Utility (hauling wood,big wire… man shit)  then you are a douche bag who needs a god damn purse ….

that’s a fucking modified mini van to make it look like it can go off roading and odds are that  big gas guzzlin piece of shit can barely handle a speed bump. We all know that you sold your corvette because everyone in the world knows that you bought it because your penis ir tiny… but come on you little fuck, you do not need to soak up so much god damn gasoline, jump out in front of people you  know are moving faster than you and block the whole god damn road with your stupid useless vehicle.

Have a nice day you sorry waste of skin.


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