stupid trend whores

21 Aug

I am standing in line at the grocery store, and this dude in front of me started “talking” on his cell phone. Now I don’t know if he started “talking ” on his cell phone to remind everyone around him that he wanted to be thought of as a thug, or he is just an idiot.

The whole conversation he kept saying “Yuh ….Yuh” I think that was supposed to mean “yes I hear you and understand what you said” .. I mean I do not want you to think every person on the planet has to walk around saying entirely to many words in a statement so that it sounds “proper” .. but Jesus Christ saying “YUH..Yuh” Makes you sound just short of bubba from the trailer park. It kind of sounded like the fuktard was practicing it .

The sad thing was that when he wasn’t saying “yuh..yuh” he was saying “Huh”..

How creative


One Response to “stupid trend whores”

  1. Anonymously Known January 15, 2009 at 6:32 pm #

    I hear what your saying but your not too far from the guy, calling him “dude” really isnt a correct term when refering to another man or woman, unless your a surfer who lives up to stereotypes and/or in movies. but so what if he wants to yuh instead of yeah thats his business to sound ignorant. Yes i do agree it is a bit annoying but its some peoples way of showing who they are and theres nothing wrong with that.

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