The reporter that left defcon in a hurry

15 Aug

First off. I bet we never hear about her getting hacked. There is no way dateline would let the hackers get the glory. Heck no one lets hackers get glory anymore, especially in this case. She really should not have been there, what she did and what dateline set her up to do was wrong completely and entirely wrong. They would have blown the event into something that it is not. And since it’s kind of a private event, no one would believe the attendees, because dateline is in more faces.

When that lady walked out of there kind of pretty but really emberassed but stiff looking. I am assuming she was morbidly scared that she might say or do the wrong thing and cause one person to twitch just right and end up in a bloody beating by a bunch of .. well  Computer people. Here is the youtube

I am betting she woke up the next day with her cell phone wiped clean and her lights turned off by the power company , and a 2000000000 dollar phone bill.

That will never make it to the news, but it could make it to the net 🙂


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