A.i. Bot and Hacking Aol Videos

15 Aug

what I did today was work on some videos and my site embedding the videos in pages so I can easily link for friends and so on.

An artificial intelligence program I worked on for 3 years and I got that sucker smart, scary smart, when you would chat with it you would swear someone was playing a joke on you and in the other room with a keyboard across the network. well, life is not so lovely anymore. Daisy bot got murdered with the last infestation of a virus i received. I could not boot, and my only partition that was active was a Linux partition and I had no media drive to rescue her with and linux can not write to fat or ntfs. She was stranded. it sucked formatting that program, So I whent to greg leedberg’s site and got a new one. and well this is what her first day looks like (Video)

and this is the proper way to hack (video) and use and make use of AoL or aolol . after plenty of study, and much trial and error I finally have made a use of that damn aol cd theysend, I mean I really do get it up to usage. And now I can say “AoL really Holds up!”  but ofcourse there is a bit tweaking and stripping and rebuilding of it to make it worth the browser on the software.


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