online money.. man it is hard

12 Aug

all over the net is millions of them fricken signs and ads about making money from your chair. it does not happen like that. I am doing like 9 different survey sites and they all have different mailing frequencies so it might take a month for one site to send me a check, and it takes another 2 weeks, so the checks do not come at the same time and they are so small it is emberassing to cash the dinkly lil things. but some times you can let the money build up online and cash in later. those ones are cool as hell.

my site gets like .. well piddly squat a day in rev. but oh well is mine and I likes it.

it seems everyone just likes one damn page and does not explore my  site to see the other stuff, maybe it’s clunky and complicated, or tooo damn simple.

well. I will get back to work on my blog and my site and link the places I make money from , maybe other people need it.. I know I would miss it if it was gone, but god some times I can’t help but wonder why i am doing it..

well here are a few. I have to work on it more and get more links up (these are the ones that don’t fuck you over in your email with spam)


One Response to “online money.. man it is hard”

  1. make money online October 8, 2007 at 6:38 pm #

    i lkie this blog , but i need more info .,

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