saw cat today

8 Aug

my lil buddy was in the hospital. cathadar in his weeny, he had blood and pee all in his fur and on his face. he was so weak and sick he didnt even try to clean it, but he was sure confused when I didnt pickl him up and take him home.

he didnt eat till I got there and told him to eat, when I pointed at his litter box and said “poop” he climbed inside the box and tried to pee.. “lil buddy, that’s automated ” .. but he does know the wierd litter box is where he can crap now.

man he looked so misserable.. 😦 .. he is in i.c.u.

Was Schedualed to pick him up tomorrow after work, but it seems I will not be seeing him at home for a few more days.

I keep watching out for him each time I roll my chair back making sure I do not squish him with the wheels. my lil fetching cat is down for a count.


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