Getting traffic to blog

3 Aug

My last blog “” is gone. and man it had awesome traffic, now I have this blog here to work, but I also have my main TruXter’s tech blog

and man I have to say , between the one I am on right now and the main one, I do not get 1/3 the traffic but am working on better content. If I can get attention as I did before, hell i will delete my site and migrate the blog there.

Basicly I have to manually do , what wordpress already does for you it, I have tto submit my rss all over the net to feed readers.. by fricken hand, so I am all over this site Issue is, I keep getting distracted and forgetting what I am doing, but what teh hell , everything I need will be here or in my bookmarks. lol

but it’s mine and it will be bad ass like my last, but better .. maybe I can get on leo laporte’s new show.


One Response to “Getting traffic to blog”

  1. glirecisee February 17, 2008 at 10:35 am #

    I could constantly do reproductive a thing.

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