podcast list 7-30-7

31 Jul

For starts I have to say I am using a “Chipod” which is an ipod clone and only cost me $17 for one gig. shipping and everything, I do alot of modding as this is the third one I have owned because I work pretty hard and tend to really bang these suckers up, so $17 is just right and one gig is plenty storage for 8 hours of work. I am a reader and some times poster at the mp4 forums this is where you get all the tips and tricks to mod your mp3/,p4 player. you will get tools and firmware and some of the dress up icons. I have the batman theme on mine :). try and enjoy all.

The podcast list is as I state here.





lab rats

linux action show

SlashDot Review

The tech Guy (2 eps)


I will post my choice of the better for this week. Count on me being pretty partial to slash dot.. andrew just fires out the tech news like you wouldn’t know.. sorry cnet you didnt have anything going so I will get to you when you post something.

and the working podcast from jobicle.com….. nothing new lately so .. i do nothing.


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